Let Cactus Equipment Do the Heavy Lifting of Painting Your Forklift

Your forklift works just as hard as you do, and no doubt its appearance gives a few clues as to just how hard its been working in your warehouse. If you have a forklift that’s scratched, battered and worn; give it new life with a fresh paint job from Cactus Equipment.

No matter how big your forklift is, our paint booth can accommodate forklifts and other types of heavy equipment, large and small. Let us be your one-stop-shop for all your equipment painting and refinishing needs.

Why Use Our Painting Services?

One word: OSHA

At Cactus Equipment, we make it our business to be familiar and compliant with all the OSHA regulations surrounding painting all types of equipment — so you have one less OSHA regulation to worry about. OSHA requires that forklifts be painted in specific painting areas, set apart from business operations. Most businesses or warehouses don’t have a dedicated paint booth, but we do. We use and understand OSHA-approved paints. Part of that standard requires that they be noncombustible agents and solvents with a high flash point (defined as 100-degrees Fahrenheit or higher).

We’ll do the dirty work of cleaning

The most dreaded and messy part of any paint job is what necessarily comes before the actual painting: cleaning and prep. We’ll take the time to clean your machine and do all the necessary prep work. And our commitment to integrity and customer service means we’ll do the job right and on time the first time, so your forklift can get back to work for you.

Check out our “before” and “after” pictures so you can see what a Cactus Equipment makeover can do for your old forklift or other piece of equipment.



Have Questions?

Curious about our paint process, transport or delivery of your forklift to our site, or wondering how much our paint services will cost? Contact us today to discuss equipment painting and receive a free estimate.

We look forward to making your forklift look good as new.